CodeLens extension for VSCode, providing quick access to Zotero information and attachments from citations.
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Zoterolens scans Markdown files for citation-keys and adds inline links to open their attached pdf's with Zotero. An optional page number is taken into account.

I recommend using it in combination with an extension such as Citation Picker for Zotero, and/or Pandoc Citer to be able to easily add citations.


  • Zotero (needs to be running)
  • Zotero's Better-Bibtex plugin


  • CodeLens to open PDF's based on citekey
  • CodeLens to select item in Zotero based on citekey

It should find the page number following cases:

  • @test123
  • @test1.23
  • @test123 89
  • @test123, 89
  • [@test123, 89]
  • @test123 [89]
  • [@test123, p.89]
  • [@test123, pp.89-92]
  • [@test123, pp.89--92]

Extension Settings


Known Issues / Wishlist

  • It does not yet check if the citekey actually exists in Zotero, nor if it actually has any attachment.
    • This should be made to happen before showing the ref.
  • No error if Zotero isn't running, or the Better-Bibtex plugin is not configured.
  • Zotero port cannot yet be configured.

Release Notes


Initial pre-release of Zoterolens