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SMW Graph

This repository contains a script to pull semantic data out of Semantic Mediawiki and into a json. In turn, this json file can be loaded by graph.js to build a d3 graph.

Built for Security Vision.


pandoc EU\ Greens\ Report\ -\ Biometric\ Mass\ Surveillance\ v.3.docx --extract-media=images --template=template.html --section-divs -s -o output.html --metadata title="Biometric and Behavioural Mass Surveillance in EU Member States" -c mvp.css --toc --toc-depth=2




{{#ask: [[Category:Deployments||Institution]]  [[Is in Greens Report 2021::True]]
 |?City.Has Coordinates=City Coordinates
 |?City.Is in Country=City Country
 |?City Country.Has Coordinates=Country Coordinates
 |?Institution Type
 |?Managed by
 |?Used by
 |?Funded by
 |?Provided by
 |?Software Deployed
 |?Software Deployed.Developped by (institutions)=Software Developer
 |?Datasets Used
 |?Datasets Used.Developed by Institution=Dataset Developer
 |?Related Institutions
 |?Involved Entities
 |searchlabel=... further results
 |class=sortable wikitable smwtable