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Ruben van de Ven 4 years ago
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> The folder PilowTalk123 contains the generic data-files for the Lanbox, for you to file (can be read&understood with a lanbox by some Lanbox-user:-) The .lcp file is the interface (=stage file) used to work with the lanbox on this performance. In case a minor problem occurs at one day, without me around anymore (like a house dimmer fucked up and being replaced with another one with a new address… you would need to be able to re-asign that new dimmer, etc etc), theres the possibility for quick troubleshooting with me from a distance of course… You would need to install the LanBox software (LCedit+3.5.4X, which can be found on the lanbox downloading page @… only Windows or MacOS:-( After connecting to the Hugvey network, you could then work on the data inside the box using this .lcp interface … and myself as your distant guide:-)
- Jan